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Trophy wall

  • 2018 L9 Eastern: 8th AA, 8th BM, 6th FX

  • 2018 L9 Region 7: 2nd AA, 7th VT, 2nd UB, 2nd BM, 8th FX

  • 2018 L9 VA State: 2nd AA, 5th BM

  • 2017 L9 Region 7: 4th FX

  • 2017 L9 State: 1st AA, 6th VT, 5th UB, 1st FX

  • 2016 L8 Region 7: 8th AA

  • 2016 L8 VA State: 3rd AA

  • 2014 L7 VA State: 2nd AA, 3rd UB, 2nd BM, 5th FX

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