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Skills and Routines

Updated May 2018


  • Skills: Blind, front giant, half turn, shoot over,  giant, double back dismount. 

  • Training: Jager, half out dismount



  • Double pike, back full in a half to a front pike, back double full

  • Other skills mastered: front layout to a front full, back two in a half

  • Training: back full in a half to a front full, full-in double back (E), back triple full (E), back two in a half to a front tuck, back double layout



  • Skills:two back handsprings, switch leap switch half, back double full dismount

  • training: Back handspring back layout two feet, front tuck, Side somi



  • Skill: Yurchenko layout

  • Training: layout half, and layout full


For updated skills and routine, please email coaches for details

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