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About Rebecca

Her Past

Rebecca has always been a very energetic girl. Be it running, furniture-scaling, midair-dangling, she has often ways to challenge herself. After escaping from high chair multiple times and unbuckling her own toddler carseat, we realized that she needed a recreation that will discipline her along with developing her incredible physical strength. That’s why she started her the Mommy-and-Me class at 18 months. Little did she know that this was the beginnning of journey of her young life time.

Her Present

Trying to climb the doorway (2 year old)

In gymnastics class (3 year old)



Watch Now

While balancing a demanding gymnastics, school, and church life, she is a typical teenager. She loves reading, playing instruments, taking pictures, surfing the net and creating DIY projects. She enjoys baking and hanging out with her friends.

Besides gymnastics, she faces challenges from one of her siblings who is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Communication and sibling encounters can sometimes be daunting, but she is often reminded to keep trying and never gives up. If one method fails, she tries another. “If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.” and “To think out-side-the-box” are two mottoes for her inspiration.

Rebecca has two younger siblings who are both excellent gymnasts.  All three of them took 1st place in their respective levels in Virginia State last year. Needless to say, sibling rivalry is the way of life in her family. :-)

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